About Us

Connecting young professionals

Vibe is a place for young professionals to come together and connect through shared experiences. You will meet all types of people from different industries and have the opportunity to come together to grow, share and redefine your network. 

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Our Story

Melissa and Alysha are  two women in their 30's who met through a mutual friend in Adelaide. What started out as a breakfast chat, eventuated into deeper conversation and realisations through their joint perspective and  experiences gained through the first half of their professional lives. An issue Melissa had with staff relations, Alysha had experienced and solved in aged care and Alysha having issues with system organisation, Melissa had solved through running her salon business. Together they thought that if this type of information could be valuable to each other, how can they create something that young professionals in all industries could experience the same thing? They quickly realised there was a gap in Adelaide for young professionals to share, grow and connect with one another.

That is when VIBE was born

Meet The Team

I started as a Registered Nurse at Flinders Medical Centre and fell into Neurosurgical/ENT nursing by chance. I worked in this fast paced, agile and challenging role for 4 years.


I would often see patients come in from aged care and felt a real connection to them. I felt that they deserved the same level of expertise in their own home that they would receive in hospital. A job came up in the aged care sector as a clinical nurse and I applied. When I resigned from the acute care sector I was met with disbelief from many nurses, doctors and allied health professionals. They could not comprehend that I wanted to leave the exciting and agile environment of a tertiary hospital to go and work in an industry that was on the cusp of a royal commission, that historically people move into at the end of their career.


What I found was an industry full of innovation, opportunity and a need for passionate experienced nurses. I quickly moved into a clinical management role where I loved being able to support and educate my clinical team to be able to provide exceptional care with our consumers. This then led to increasing and gaining higher level management experience.


Aged Care has given me many amazing opportunities to progress my knowledge base and career. I worked in Residential Site Management roles and was then able to move into my current role as Residential Operation Manager, where I work with system and organisation wide innovation and change.

I started my career as a hairdresser straight from school at the age of 17. I advanced in my career quickly through hard work, dedication and putting in extra time. I soon finished my apprenticeship six months ahead and went on to travel the world. After nearly seven months of travel and creating my own businesses wherever I went overseas I came back to Adelaide to reset my life. 

My sister and myself started BODE in 2011 at the ages of 23 and 24. We had a vision and a mission and we were passionate to change the hair industry. There were many lessons, good times, hard times and lots of ups and downs. You learn a lot about yourself owning your own business and it highlights the areas of improvement in your life.

We had created a brand that we loved, starting our own product line and our own silk line including pillow cases, eye masks and scrunchies. Last year in 2020 I was grateful to have won best hairdresser in SA, created my very own blog (www.bodehairlounge.com.au) where I talk about my journey through business hoping to help others in the same situations and  became a finalists for SA Women in Business. 

My purpose is to Educate, Empower and Inspire people though living my most authentic life.